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Non Metal Expansion Joints

These are Fabric Expansion Joints, Rubber Expansion Joints, Dog bone expansion joints and PTFE(Teflon) Expansion Joints.
Depending on the application the most appropriate type is selected.
When Temperature is high and movements are large and pressure less than 35 Kpag, a fabric expansion joints is most suitable. 
When temperature is below 200 deg C, either a rubber or PTFE joints is used.
A Teflon expansion joint is used for temperature below 316 deg C and higher pressure including full vacuum. Teflon expansion joints are most effective when the media is corrosive such as Sulphuric acid. For very high pressure you can use PTFE lined Stainless Steel Expansion Joints.
Rubber Expansion Joints are prefect when there is vibration present in addition to absorbing thermal movements. Rubber Expansion joints are used where temperature is under 200 deg C. Different rubber polymers are used depending on the media. Pressure is no limit by using reinforcement. Rubber joints can be supplied as rectangular or circular. It can be supplied as simple joint, multi-convolutions, as tied, hinged, gimbal, or in-line pressure balanced up to 2200 mm diameter.
Dog bone joints are used mainly in power station connecting the turbine to condenser. It can be supplied in different polymers and associated steel work.

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Industries we serve:
Oil Refineries
Petrochemical Plants
Nickel, Zinc, Alumina Refineries
Pigment Plants
Steel and Cement Plants 
Chemical Plants
Water Treatment Plants
Paper and Pulp Plants 
Starch Plants

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