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Dampers Stack and Fabric Expansion Joints


Filter Catalouge - Strainer


Refinery FCCU Bellows


Metal Bellows Technical Catalogue


Metal Expansion Joints and Non Metal expansion Joints including 

Metal Expansion Bellows - Circular and Rectangular

Fabric Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints

Teflon Expansion Joints

Dampers and Silencers


Tower Internals

Metal Expansion Joints.

Pipe Expansion Joints are the most effective way to solve a piping thermal expansion problem. We can solve any piping flexibility problem with the correct selection of the joint and suitable construction material. 
The joint can be restrained or unrestrained, single or double, lateral or angular, pressure-balanced or inline pressure-balanced, reinforced or unreinforced, multiply or testable ply we have it all in our capabilities. Size up to 6 meters in diameter and 5-6 mm maximum thickness to cater to your needs.
We can solve most of the piping expansion problem with correct application engineering, design, production and quality control. 
Please contact us and send us your Isometrics for our review, and we can get back to you with 48 hours backed up with a stress analysis report.

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