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Welcome To REPL Australia
REPL Australia specialises in the design, manufacture, of metal and non- metal expansion joints, and other static types of equipment such as Dampers, Silencers, Stacks and Tower Internals, designed to meet the requirements of refineries, petrochemical, oil and gas, LNG, PTA, Polypropylene, and other Industrial Plants.

  REPL Australia is based in Sydney, Australia, and has local assembling facilities for small and urgent jobs whereas larger jobs are fabricated at our Indian fabrication shop.

  REPL India occupies a large manufacturing facility of 14 000 square meters near Ahmedabad, India, strategically located near the sea-port and international airport. It has two large bays, segregated for stainless steel for Metal Bellows and Carbon Steel fabrication for Static Equipment such as Dampers Strainers, Silencers and Stacks.


  The factory is equipped with EOT cranes, advanced machines for both general and purpose-designed jobs, as well as a state-of-the-art longitudinal seam welding machine from Jetline USA.

  We have full access to supplying Reactor Internals such as Support Grids, Scallops, Feed Diffuser, Liquid Distributor trays and Vanes With the strong infrastructure in Design, Manufacturing, QA and with international & local sales network of agents we are confident to serve you well.



  The Bellows division is equipped with hydroforming and punch forming machines that can manufacture up to 6 meters in diameter and up to 4 millimeters in thickness. REPL can also design and supply thick-walled expansion joints for heat exchangers, Dog Bone Expansion joints that connect Turbines to Condensers.


  Additionally, we can also manufacture rectangular expansion joints with single or double miter corners, camera corners, and rounded corners in both ferritic and austenitic stainless steel, Nickel Alloys, Hastelloy and Titanium At REPL, all welding processes are available such as GTAW, GMAW,SMAW, FCAW, for longitudinal and circumferential weld and S.A.W for both internal, and external welds up to 65 mm thickness REPL has its own MACHINE SHOP, BENDING AND ROLLING facilities, ‘C’ Frame Press, Hydraulic Press and Shot blasting and Painting facility

  Within our group, we have a lab to ISO 17025 -2005 certified for both Mechanical and Chemical testing equipped with the following testing facilities.

# PMI tester from Niton and Bruker USA

# Spectrometer from Spectromax Germany

# Ferritoscope form Helmut Fischer Germany

# Portable Hardness tester and fixed Rockwell         hardness tester


# Metallurgical Microscope from Olympus Japan


# Universal testing machine for Tensile testing


# Muffle Furnace up to 1100 deg C for coupon

testing Real-time Radiography


# Digitised Radiography


# Batch type heat treatment furnace for Stress Relieving, PWHT, Normalising and Tempering.


  Pipe Expansion Joints are designed to the latest software to EJMA 10 whereas Heat Exchanger Bellows are designed to ASME Section VIII, Div. 1, Appendix 26 assisted by AUTOCAD, FEA analysis for its hardware design and Stress Analysis for application engineering if required by customers. The company has Associates to help further in areas of design verification and root cause analysis failures, especially for critical applications.



We provide plant surveys for refineries and other critical plants. our team can install Clam Shells while the plant is still in service.


Quality Systems

 The REPL factory has adopted Quality Management systems to ISO 9001-2015, Environmental Management Systems 2015, and OHSAS 2017 together with established SOPs for incoming material, in-process and finished goods inspection, traceability of material, document control, and record maintenance. The REPL factory is an ASME U, N and R stamped qualified. We can also meet the requirements of the European Community such as PED approval for goods required in Europe. Our QC staff is certified to ANST Level 2. equal to AINDT. REPL has established WPS and PQR for various metallurgies, both to ASME and AS standards. 

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