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At Repl Australia, simply selling products has never been enough. That’s why we’ve taken the time and effort to ensure our production process is at the highest level possible. With our extensive experience and your satisfaction as our number one priority, rest assured your needs will always be met here. See below for just a sample of our product range.


REPL:  Industries we serve :

Oil Refineries
Petrochemical Plants
Nickel, Zinc, Alumina Refineries
Pigment Plants
Steel and Cement Plants 
Chemical Plants
Water Treatment Plants
Paper and Pulp Plants 
Starch Plants.    
More information on our FAQ

REPL Australia specialises in the design, manufacture, of metal and non- metal expansion joints, and other static types of equipment such as Dampers, Silencers, Stacks and Tower Internals, designed to meet the requirements of refineries, petrochemical, oil and gas, LNG, PTA, Polypropylene, and other Industrial Plants.

REPL Australia is based in Sydney, Australia, and has local assembling facilities for small and urgent jobs whereas larger jobs are fabricated at our Indian fabrication shop.

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